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Since the very beginning, Trinity Pacific Christian School has held the conviction that an ideal learning environment can be provided by parents who home educate. TPCS supports homeschooling in its purest form, while also uniquely providing many benefits that come from a private school satellite program (PSP).


Parents who homeschool through TPCS are free to choose the best curriculum, schedule, and learning style to meet the individual needs of their child, while taking advantage of all that Trinity Pacific Christian School has to offer. From transcripts and records, support and encouragement, optional classes, field trips and events, to promotion night and graduation ceremonies, students from kindergarten to 12th grade will enjoy programs tailored specifically to their needs. TPCS also offers a preschool support group. Many parents are especially drawn to the support they receive for homeschooling their high school students, as TPCS offers a wide range of high school-level classes and opportunities to build an impressive college application portfolio. 

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