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One of Trinity Pacific Christian School's hallmark high school programs, mock trial provides students the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, teamwork, public speaking, debate, critical thinking, acting, and writing, as well as learn about the American justice system and constitutional law.

TPCS's award-winning team is coached by volunteers with professional experience in law, medicine, and law enforcement alongside dedicated parents and alumni students.

Our program alumni have gone on to receive college forensics scholarships based on their mock trial performance, win first place at national appellate brief writing tournaments in college, attend an Ivy League law school, and work as a staff attorney at the Federal Court of Appeals.

Since it began in the year 2000, the TPCS mock trial team has won a number of awards on the county, state, national and world level, including becoming first place champions in the following competitions:

Beach Ball Classic

California State Finals

Empire Atlanta

Empire Chicago

Empire New York

Empire San Francisco
Golden State Cup
Golden State Tournament


Simi Valley Middle School Competition

Ventura County Competition

My children have experienced and learned more [through mock trial] than any other program we have ever been involved in. Each has learned to think on their feet, work hard, use teamwork, and to give all the glory to God who is the ultimate giver of every good thing. They have learned to rejoice in victory and rejoice in defeat. They have learned to trust God with any outcome. They will use all of the skills learned in mock trial to be better at life, even if they don’t ever go into the legal field. I love mock trial and can’t imagine our high school years without it!

Kristi Nash


To me, mock trial is a second family. I've never been a part of a group as loving, compassionate, and God-focused as this team. From wins to losses, we always remember that God has a plan. We never fail to have a good time, and grow a lot as people while we are it it! Mock trial is the best!

Audrey Shepard


I've had the pleasure of working with dozens of high school mock trial teams across the country. None have the compassion, inclusiveness, and love of Trinity Pacific. The coaches care deeply about all of the students, and all of the students care about each other. Over the last five years I've routinely seen students join the Trinity Mock Trial as shy or uncertain freshman and emerge as confident young adults. I wish teachers and coaches at other schools could follow Trinity's lead and see that competitive success can go hand-in-hand with personal respect and growth. I can't wait to work with the next generation of Trinity students!

Justin Bernstein

Professor of Law

The program is not only fun and interesting, but it teaches students about our country's judicial system, allows them to participate in critical thinking and debate skills, as well as polishes their personal presentation and public speaking abilities all while being an active part of a competing team. Mock trial is so much more than an exercise in drama. The program builds character and commitment as well as leadership and personal integrity.

Ken & Roni Snow


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