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County Champions!

Updated: May 2, 2023

Last night at the Ventura County Office of Education, Trinity Pacific Christian School was announced as the county champion of both the middle school AND high school mock trial competitions! Additionally, the Trinity Junior Varsity team came in 5th out of 25 high school teams from public and private schools in the county.

In addition to the team victory, Trinity students earned a myriad of individual awards (see complete list below).

While there is no move-on tournament for middle school, they do have the opportunity to participate in another tournament next month. The varsity team will begin preparing this week for the California state championship, which will take place in Los Angeles the weekend of March 17.

Congratulations to everyone who participated! And huge thanks to those who put in so much time, energy, and love to make it possible.

MVP: Lexie Rowlett (middle school), Grace Shepard (JV), Jena Ahuja (varsity)

Commitment to excellence (4 years high school participation): Ashlyn Tucker 2nd place artist: Elianna Beeson 3rd place prosecution pretrial attorney: Jena Ahuja 3rd place defense pretrial: Jena Ahuja & Katelyn Cheng (tie) 7th place prosecution attorney: Daniel Williamson 8th place prosecution attorney: Grace DeVico 2nd place MS defense attorney: Lexie Rowlett 1st place MS witness Ari Kouch: Landen Thiesen 2nd place MS witness Billie Scher: Aubrey Beaty 1st place witness Cleo Shafer: Tyler Foreman 2nd place MS witness Dylan Mavis: Maryn Tucker 3rd place witness Dylan Mavis: Adrian Flores 3rd place MS witness Jade Marquez: Landen Thiesen 2nd place MS witness Jordan Franks: Elle Foxworthy 1st place MS witness Karter Lucky: Avery Foreman 1st place witness Karter Lucky: Karis Beeson 3rd place witness Karter Lucky: John Williamson 2nd place MS clerk: Kaelyn Nolte 3rd place clerk: Elijah Chou & David Maack (tie) 3rd place MS bailiff: Eddie Kizito 1st place bailiff: Emma Kanter


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